December 19, 2016

TAG Heuer joins forces with the United Kingdom British Police Service

TAG Heuer proudly presents an exclusively designed limited edition watch to recognise the significant contribution that is made to the public services by those in policing. Available exclusively to all staff and officers working for the British police service, this unique TAG Heuer Carrera automatic watch is designed in collaboration with prestigious jeweller Andrew Michael’s. For every watch sold £25 will be donated to one of two charities: Care of the Police Survivors and Police Arboretum Memorial Trust.

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The distinctive dial markings on these timepieces include the iconic ‘999’ at 9’o clock representing the emergency nature of the Police service, ‘The Thin Blue Line’ statement perfectly characterizes the stretched nature of the service and the significant demand placed upon policing and ‘Serving Communities Since 1829’ marks the establishment of the first full time, professional and centrally coordinated Police Service by the then Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel. Finally, the blue second hand represents the perpetual and active nature of policing, operating in communities every second of every day. 

TAG Heuer’s expertise in watchmaking and precision time keeping is widely recognised and the open sapphire crystal caseback on these timepieces shows off the intricate automatic movement on both models. The caseback also features the TAG Heuer logo and iconic police badge along with four principle values that describe the manner in which officers carry out their police duties, demonstrating Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and Impartiality. 

For Men, the 41mm automatic calibre 5 day-date TAG Heuer Carrera is available on either a black calf leather strap with blue stitching or a stainless steel bracelet.


For Ladies, the 28mm automatic calibre 9 TAG Heuer Carrera on a stainless steel bracelet is the watch of choice.   



The men’s TAG Heuer Carrera retails at £2000 and the ladies TAG Heuer Carrera retails at £1600, both models will be available in 2017, pre order yours now: 

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