By TAG Heuer, TAG HEUER TEAM —  27 Nov 2014

TAG Heuer Eyewear wins the first Vision X VP Award in Dubai with its luxurious L-Type T

Vision X is the largest optical trade show in Middle East and takes place in Dubai World Trade Center from November 25th to 27th. For the first time, Vision X and leading trade magazine VisionPlus Arabia recognized the best products in the business through the Vision X VP Award ceremony.

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear is proud being the one to receive the first Vision X VP Award in the Luxury category with a «Inspiring Excellence» mention for its L-Type T Limited Edition hand stitched with 18 carats solid gold threads.

The L-Type series is one of TAG Heuer Eyewear’s iconic products that contribute to provide inspiration and awe to the rest of the industry. This emblematic series was launched in 2006 with the clear objective resulting in one absolute goal: to reach the ultimate pillar of excellence.

Handmade in France, the L-Type T Limited Edition features the most exclusive materials coupled with patented technology to bring forth the essence of the TAG Heuer DNA. Soft calfskin leather is hand turned and overstitched on the exterior of the temples with 18 carats solid gold threads to showcase utmost quality. Elastomer is deployed on the inside of the temples to ensure comfort and exceptional hold. TAG Heuer signature is subtly embossed on the leather so as to manifest an understated presence.