June 08, 2015

Patrick Dempsey is getting ready for Le Mans with TAG Heuer

Satuday was the occasion for TAG Heuer friend of the brand Patrick Dempsey to visit the TAG Heuer boutique on one of the most famous avenues of Paris: The Champs Elysées. The occasion to ask a few questions to the 49-year-old actor about his passion for race cars.

- TAG Heuer: You will drive with your team for Le Mans, you're great actor and a TAG Heuer ambassador. Three things in common with Steve McQueen. Do you feel connected to him somehow?

Patrick Dempsey: I do when I do interviews (laughs). He comes up quite a bit. With TAG Heuer, it was Jack Heuer who had a fascination with racing and keeping time for racing, and when he used the watch in the movie Le Mans, it really ignited the passion for people who like car racing and certainly chronographs, so I think there’s something to be said for that.

- TAG Heuer: What do you like about TAG Heuer, and which watch do you like wearing when you're under pressure in a race like Le Mans?

Patrick Dempsey: I think the Monaco is my favorite watch, certainly. I like the heritage of it, we just talked about the history, how it evolved, certainly the shape to me is so iconic, and it’s iconic to that time period in the 1970s. I think there’s a sense of tradition and heritage, and form and function are the things that attract you to it. And there’s the emotional response to the watch if you’re a watch person or you’re not people will gravitate towards it anyway. If you’d put out a bunch of watches, people would always go towards the Monaco I think.

- TAG Heuer: In your opinion, how is Le Mans a good emblem of the Don't Crack Under Pressure motto? What are your secrets not to crack under pressure?

Patrick Dempsey: I think preparation is very important and that will help give you confidence.

This automatic chronograph has the appealing square case design of a classic Monaco, with more power under the hood: a Calibre 12 chronograph. Two square counters at 3 and 9 o'clock measure small seconds and chrono minutes. A sapphire crystal caseback reveals the Calibre 12 movement in action.

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