January 15, 2020

Daniel Norris, a life-size athlete

The TAG Heuer Autavia is Daniel Norris’ travel and adventure companion.

His name is Daniel Norris. He is a professional baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Considered one of the best pitchers in the MLB, Daniel is most of all an adventurer. He prefers to stay in his vintage van instead of luxurious hotels and to spend his nights under the stars, away from city lights. Off the field, when he’s not cheered by crowds of fans, he drives, surfs, and lives intensely in the moment.

Undeterred by obstacles, Daniel Norris is a born competitor. On the field or under a roaring sky, he never gives up. His mental strength has allowed him to reach the top in his sport and in life. With his TAG Heuer Autavia strapped around his wrist, Daniel Norris explores the world off the beaten track.

Daniel Norris, a life-size athlete

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