INDY 500

Masters of the Racetrack in a Temple of Speed


A taste and a sound of fury. The beasts of the Indianapolis 500 are speed and decibels thirsty. They only have one quest: do the best lap ever and hold the victory. 

The Indianapolis 500 is the most explosive motor-race in America. The visor of their helmet down, hands holding strongly onto the wheel, drivers warm up their tires, with their car hood ready to go. While there engines may run on fuel, the atmosphere is electrical. Adrenaline and pressure rage before the starter releases the pack in a tremendous blast. These speed demons are as quick as bullets and reach some unbelievable speeds. Every rotation around the ring is a permanent quest for the best time, and each second gained is a victory in itself. This is a race against time, where containing pressure could be vital. The Indy 500 is an unmissable race for all motor sport lovers, each year during the weekend of Memorial Day. The last winner, Alexander Rossi, represents the succession of this competition at age 24.

INDY 500

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