2009 - TAG Heuer Monaco V4

2009 - TAG Heuer Monaco v4

For its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer brings to commercial reality its boldest breakthrough innovation since the 1/100th of a second mechanical chronograph.   In 2004, the company unveiled the Monaco V4 Concept Watch, the world’s first watch with belt drives, linear mass and ball bearings. On the eve of its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer has achieved the unbelievable, unveiling to the world what many industry insiders said would never see the light of day: The Monaco V4 in commercial production. Double-patented Monaco V4, 100% TAG Heuer-made, outdoes its own legacy. A bold technical masterwork unlike any watch ever seen or imagined, it both exemplifies luxury Swiss watchmaking tradition at its finest, and completely turns that heritage upside down and inside out. Once again, with this boldest creation yet, TAG Heuer stakes claim to the leading edge of design innovation and honors its world-famous motto: “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860”.

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