April 05, 2017


42,195km of effort. The pressure rises at each step. The supreme running contest settles in Paris Sunday, April 9 for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris.

Challenging both body and mind, achievement requires a meticulous preparation, to hold alone against time. Along the way, the runner with its TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 will go through many stages of joys and doubts.

From euphoria to bad patch, the race is a maelstrom of sensations, self-questioning and emotions.

Getting set for the 5 first kilometers

As the race begins and the crowd of runners slowly stretch, it’s time to find the right stride and get a smooth pace. Even if the body is still a bit stiff, breathing is easy with a good preparation beforehand based on a work with longs and quicks intervals.
Already, some runners start to get cramps and walk, which slow down the progression of others. It’s important to keep rhythm and to control breath. A quick glance at the case of the watch every kilometer gives an overview of the remaining distance.

The pre-taste of the tenth kilometer

The first signs of tiredness come shortly at the first quarter of the race. Repeated shocks at each step of the way and heat become more and more noticed. The finish line is still 30 kilometers away. By experience, the long runs get your body used to a long-standing effort. The first refuel is important, a good knowledge in bioenergetics can make all the difference. The organism must store as many resources as possible to transform them efficiently to oxygenate the muscles.

Time for analysis at half-way

After the semi-marathon, the pace flows but it’s not over yet. It gives an estimation of time for the second half. From there, the speed can either be maintain or rise progressively until the finish line. A look to the wrist to check quickly the energetics expenses and the distance covered so far can help. The smallest error could last the whole race, so the mind needs to be resistant, to anything. A confidence gained with a regular practice over long distances and sessions of hard-work trainings.

The ambush of the 35 kilometers

Often see as a wall, this step is a huge one for many. The reach of lactic threshold makes the legs feel like they’re burning. The muscles are consuming every calorie available. The desire to stop comes up. Breathing is no more natural. Only 7 kilometers left and they will be the hardest of the whole race. Mind got to be strong. It requires an important amount of stamina and endurance to resist the pressure of withdraw. Only one goal, only one idea must subsist: dig at the deepest and finish it.

The last 195 meters of relief

Arms up, the crowd cheering, it’s a moment of ecstasy – the finish line is just a curve of stadium far. All the pain and suffering vanish, the endorphins are freeing and the TAG Heuer clock is getting closer. The last straight line must be done with panache, the feet light as Hermes.

Once the clock stops, only the satisfaction of this victory on time remains.

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