Master of the waves and seven-time stand-up paddle (SUP) World Champion, Kai Lenny is an avant-gardist who’s not afraid to break the rules. He’s a supporter of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii - an organisation with the aim of cleaning the beaches and coasts of Hawaii - and, to raise public awareness of plastic pollution, the American surfer has decided to auction off the board that let him tame the formidable and mythical Big Waves on the spot of Jaws (Hawaii).
Created by famous American surfer Gerry Lopez, the Naish surfboard was donated and signed by Kai Lenny for TAG Heuer during his exceptional appearance in Switzerland. 

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Kai Lenny signed his board in Switzerland
Kay Lenny riding a big wave
Focus on the Big Wave Gun
Kai Lenny rides Switzerland
Kai Lenny rides Switzerland


At 24 years old, Kai Lenny has been surfing monstrous waves since he was four. He is the only person to have surfed one of the world’s largest waves in four different sports on the same day - tow-in surfing, SUP, windsurfing and kitesurfing. #DontCrackUnderPressure? Cracking under the pressure is never an option when he hits the water.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii


Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of cleaning the beaches and coasts of Hawaii. 

Through its educational programmes, awareness-raising campaigns and numerous projects led by devoted staff and passionate volunteers, the organisation wants to give a wake-up call to communities by making them responsible for the cleaning of their beaches, with the goal of reducing the amount of waste dumped into the ocean. But there won’t be a reduction without a drastic change in (bad) habits and the behaviour of the population in their day-to-day life.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, an organisation eager to make the sea endure, along with its value, its quality, and its survival over time. Attributes which are similar to those of TAG Heuer.