POLARIZED LENSES eliminate glare and blinding reflections, heighten contrasts and improve visual acuity.


ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING eliminates parasitic rays, preserves visual contrasts and improves the transmission of information to the eye.


The ORION TREATMENT protects the inner and outer surfaces of sun lenses thanks to “Easy Clean” technology, a treatment that is hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-dirt. The lenses can be cleaned easily because grease does not spread out and water beads on the surface of the glass. This treatment also ensures excellent resistance to abrasion and scratches and optimum product longevity.


On a PHOTOCHROMIC lens, the tinting of the glass adapts automatically to the light environment thanks to integrated photo-sensitive molecules. Therefore, this lens ensures uninterrupted visual comfort and optimal protection against UV rays by absorbing them continuously and completely.


The FILTRATION CATEGORIES of sunglass lenses:

  • Category 0 Aesthetic comfort
  • Category 1 Low intensity sunlight
  • Category 2 Medium intensity sunlight
  • Category 3 Strong intensity sunlight
  • Category 4 Exceptionally high intensity sunlight (Lenses not adapted to automobile driving)