Avant-Garde Communication

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Communication. Helping you master a new era of time.


Time is essential. Your time even more so. TAG Heuer – mastering time for more than 150 years – has turned its avant-garde design and technological savoir faire to helping you master the 21st century, with the latest instrument of time: the mobile phone.


The ideal communication tool is far more than a simple mobile. TAG Heuer communication is nothing less than the ultimate fusion of luxury and performance, pioneering design and extreme functionality. The TAG Heuer DNA found in every cell of every TAG Heuer is found here, in MERIDIIST and TAG Heuer LINK. Avant-garde design and materials, peerless watchmaking craftsmanship, extreme reliability, and ceaseless innovation. A blueprint for excellence, and the basis of TAG Heuer luxury communication.


TAG Heuer manual horological techniques assemble the technologically advanced components and deliver the flawless finishing which is the mark of true quality. Prestigious materials provide sensuous appeal and unprecented durability. Materials like surgical grade 316L stainless steel - not only super strong, but highly resistant to corrosion. Gleaming rose gold. Exquisite diamonds. Finest quality skins like calfskin, lizard and crocodile, all carefully hand-finished.


Always pioneering, TAG Heuer designers are never content to merely reproduce what has come before. Working closely with Swiss engineers, they put their award-winning design skills to creating a supreme alliance of avant-garde design and the latest in high-performance telephony. The results: luxury handsets which are not only ultimate work hard/play hard instruments, but also communication tools of uncompromising caliber and capability.