"Forget magic, there is none. Only hard work will turn your dream into reality. My secret? I work harder than anyone. That’s why I win."

Before Nadia Comaneci, flawless was an abstract concept, imaginable, perhaps, but unattainable.

After her perfect 10 out of 10 scores in the 1976 Olympic Games, the impossible became a thing of the past, and the human race—represented by a tiny, fearless 14-year-old girl from Romania—pushed for the first time beyond the possible, into the realm of perfection.


Like TAG Heuer, Nadia Comaneci's greatest strengths are daring and precision.
Her coach spotted her during a scouting trip to her elementary school in Onesti—a six-year old girl playing at gymnastics with a friend in a kindergarten playground. When he helped her up onto the four-inch-wide balance beam—one of the most terrifying places in the entire world of sports—she not only exhibited perfect balance, ...

but a total absence of fear. He recognized her skill instantly, but also her poise and grace, and absolute confidence in her ability to do whatever she set her mind to. Within a year she was finishing in the top competitive ranks in the country. By 13, word of her gravity-defying new moves and revolutionary dismounts had spread like wildfire through international gymnastics. The Salto Comaneci on the uneven bars, for example: pushing away from the high bar and then somehow performing a straddled front somersault and regrasping the same bar. No other girl in the world could come close to performing this—or even dream of trying—and Nadia did it effortlessly, without even breathing hard. The following year, on the first day of the Olympic competition, she stunned the world by breaking the scoreboard—her perfect 10 had to be written as a 1.00 because no one had ever imagined anyone could earn a perfect score. And then she did it again and again and again, while the entire planet held its breath in amazement. The youngest Olympic gymnastics all-around champion, she has forever changed the meaning of what a perfectionist is. She is a true path-breaker who refuses limits and, no matter what, never cracks under pressure.



For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down every challenge, and then pushed past it. By defying the time-honored conventions of Swiss watchmaking, it has led it to ever higher levels of precision and performance. It makes its own rules, chooses its own path, never quits moving forward, never compromises, never cracks under pressure, just like its ambassadors.