18 JUL. A TAG Heuer celebrou o Domínio da Velocidade durantes 150 anos neste fim de semana em Moscou

Durante o primeiro mês de abertura, flores brancas da TAG Heuer serão distribuídas às damas, à medida que elas entrarem em nova boutique para descobrirem nossos relógios Best Seller Formula 1 Ceramic.

July 14th, to start the celebrations, TAG Heuer hold a party which was attended by a great number of watch lovers, journalists along with a host of celebrities. One of the most trendy music bands, Teslaboy has given a concert in front of the TAG Heuer guests.

On July 17th, the Moscow City Racing show was held for the 4th time. Year on year the show attracts more and more racing fans and car lovers from all over the country. As the official watch and timekeeper of MCR, TAG Heuer hosted its guests in the Paradise Club. They could meet Jenson Button who was part of the show, proudly wearing its Tag Heuer Carrera 1887.