"The best and the brightest are always the most determined."

Before Jack Andraka, precocious teenagers who studied hard and excelled at a subject got an A. If they were truly exceptional, they might be fast-tracked into a university program.

After Jack, whose award-winning pancreatic cancer test could potentially save countless lives, individuals will be judged by the strength of their ideas and commitment, not their age.


At 17 years old, already, Jack Andraka, like TAG Heuer, is a true path-breaker who defies conventions, refuses limits and, no matter what, never cracks under pressure.
Born in Crownsville, Maryland in 1997, Jack Andraka is your typical American teenager, except he may have already made medical history. Upset by a loved one’s fatal bout with pancreatic cancer, Jack refused to just accept it as just a tragic part of life, something that he could not change...

He looked up the disease on the Internet and discovered that one of the reasons why it was so lethal was that existing detection techniques were slow, costly and unreliable. Jack pushed his research further, first on the Internet, and then in his parents’ garage. He sorted through 8,000 proteins present in the human body to find one that could work as a biomarker for pancreatic cancer, and then found a method to make it signal the presence of the disease. Looking for help with his research, he wrote 200 scientists requesting space in their laboratories and received 199 rejection letters, before receiving a single positive reply from a doctor at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre. For seven months, after school every day and on weekends, including his birthday and Christmas, Jack’s mother drove him to the lab, and Jack perfected his invention: an antibody test that only costs three cents, takes five minutes and is 100% accurate. Winner of the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award and the Intel ISEF Gordon E. Moore Prize, Jack’s accomplishment could eventually reduce the risk of not just pancreatic but ovarian, lung and other cancers. All because one determined teenager conceived a smart idea and refused to quit until it became a reality. Jack Andraka, scientist, inventor and cancer researcher.



Há mais de 150 anos a TAG Heuer tem encarado cada desafio, e superado todos eles. Desafiando convenções da relojoaria suíça consagradas através dos tempos, ela as elevou a níveis cada vez mais altos de precisão e desempenho. Ela faz suas próprias regras, escolhe seu próprio caminho, nunca desiste de avançar, nunca cede, nunca sucumbe à pressão, assim como seus embaixadores.